Backing Up and Restoring Your Data

With the current version of backup and restore utilities installed with your control panel, you can:

Back up the entire server. You can do this only through the command line. The backup archive will include your control panel license key, mail server and DNS server settings, information on database servers, domain templates, virtual host skeletons, user accounts, domains, web sites with web content, SSL certificates, databases, site applications, and custom buttons.

Back up individual user accounts with domains. The backup archive will include all control panel configurations and data related to the user account and user's domains (Web sites), including the information on resource allotments and permissions to perform operations within the control panel.

Back up individual domains (Web sites). The backup archive will include all data related to domain administrator's account, domain (web site) and mail services, including the contents of mailboxes, Horde Turba address book contact lists, anti-spam and anti-virus settings.

Schedule backups. To schedule a backup of entire server, you will need to add a cron task that will run the backup utility on schedule. Scheduling backup of user accounts and domains can be done through the control panel.

Restore your data from backup archives.

Your customers granted with the permission to use the backup and restore facilities can back up and restore their own account settings and Web sites through the control panel. Your customers, resellers and your resellers' customers will find shortcuts to their backup repositories on their Home pages (Home > Backup).

If you have access to the server shell and feel comfortable working with the command line, you might also be interested in reading the Backup and Restore Command Line Utilities User's Guide available in zipped HTML format at, and Adobe PDF at

In this chapter:

Backing Up the Entire Server

Backing Up Individual User Accounts with User's Domains

Backing Up Individual Domains (Web Sites)

Scheduling Backups

Restoring Data From Backup Archives

Maintaining Backup Files Repository

Configuring Control Panel for Using FTP Repository