Changing Tomcat Java Connector Ports

The default port numbers for Coyote and Warp connectors in Plesk are 9080 and 9008.

If you want Tomcat Java to work on other ports (e.g. 8090 and 8009), you should connect to the Plesk database and add two parameters to the database as in the following example:

insert into misc (param,val) values ('coyote_connector_port', '8090');

insert into misc (param,val) values ('warp_connector_port', '8009');

Alternatively, you can use the dbclient.exe utility to add the information to the Plesk database. For information about using the dbclient.exe utility, consult Plesk for Windows Command Line Interface Reference.

Note: It is recommended that you change the Tomcat Java ports right after Plesk is installed on server, or prior to enabling the Tomcat Java service for your domains.