Using Centralized Access to Your Numerous Plesk Servers

If you have a number of Plesk-managed servers, you can use the control panel on one of your servers for accessing and managing the other servers. To check if this feature is available within your control panel, see if there is the Master shortcut in the navigation pane.

What the Master function can do for you is remember your credentials for accessing other Plesk-managed servers (almost like your Web browser's password manager): When you need to log in to control panel on any of your servers, you will need to get to the list of your slave servers in the control panel and click an icon. The control panel running on another server will open in a new browser window.

In addition to giving you a single point of entry to a number of servers, the Master function can also poll other servers you specify, retrieve information on state of system services and resource usage, and display this information in your control panel.

As you can see, the Master function can only save you a little time and a few clicks, that's all it really does. If you have numerous servers and need truly centralized server management, you should use Plesk Expand or HSPcomplete solutions by SWsoft.

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