If you sill have any question please feel free to contact our sales representatives (sales@webkeepers.com)

I already have my domain. Can I use it with WEBKEEPERS' service?
Yes you can. All you need to do is change DNS information of your domain name so it will point to our name servers. Your domain's DNS should be changed to: NS1.PRIMEVPS.NET and NS2.PRIMEVPS.NET
Does WEBKEEPERS have a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee?
Yes we do. For more information please see our 30 day money back page.
What kind of technical support does WEBKEEPERS offer?

This brand of WEBKEEPERS offers only sales and billing email support. However, we have gathered a variety useful of documentation that will help you manage your account.
This is one of the reasons why we can provide our VPS services at a very low price.

Do you support International domain names and clients?
WEBKEEPERS plan can host any international domains on the servers. However, we currently do not support registering International Domain names. When you have registered your international domain name or any other domain name you would need to change your domain's DNS information to our name servers. Our DNS servers are: NS1.PRIMEVPS.NET and NS2.PRIMEVPS.NET
Do you accept international orders?

Yes, we do. We provide services to customers all over the world.

Can I use international domains such as .cc, .uk, .ca, .to.etc?
Yes you can. We can provide hosting services for any type of domains. However, WEBKEEPERS cannot register international domains. You will need to register your international domain at the corresponding domain registry.
Does WEBKEEPERS offer Domain name registrations and for how much?
Yes we do. You may register your desired domain (.com, .net. org, .biz or .info) with us for only $12/year. For details please see our domain page.
Do I have to register my domain name with WEBKEEPERS to use your service?
No, this is not required. You may register your domain name with any Domain Registrar. All you would need to do is change your domain's DNS information to our name servers. Our DNS servers are: NS1.PRIMEVPS.NET and NS2.PRIMEVPS.NET
Can I check my account's email from any where in the world (Web-Mail)?
Yes, you can. All VPS accounts have an easy to use Web-Mail feature.
Do I need any special software to use your service?
No you don't. All you will need is an Internet connection and you will be able to maintain your site, as well as to check your e-mails. WEBKEEPERS provides you with the necessary tools to do so, like a Web-based file manager and Web-Mail capability. Of courser, you can also use your own favorite applications.
Can I host multiple domains or sites on my account?
Yes, you can. Please see our VPS detail plan page for the number of domains that you can host.
Does WEBKEEPERS offer Internet (dial-up) Access?
No. We are focused on providing VPS services only. You will need to have your own Internet connection to manage your site and/or check your account's email.
How long has WEBKEEPERS been in business?
WEBK.NET was founded in 1997 providing top-notch web hosting, VPS services & dedicated hosting services to small & medium enterprises and end-users from around the world. Now webk.net has opened this new brand, WEBKEEPERS, which is entirely focused in offering VPS services to advanced users that will require non or minimal technical support.
Is WEBKEEPERS a Reseller?
No, we are not. We own our servers and we are not reselling from any other hosting company.
What are the hardware specs of the Web Hosting servers?
Because performance and reliability is our standard, we only use DELL servers (Dual Processor PowerEdge, 6GB RAM and Ultra320 SCSI RAID5).
What is Spam and what is WEBKEEPERS policy about it?
Spam is considered as any unsolicited email. WEBKEEPERS does not support or tolerate under any circumstances SPAMING.
Does WEBKEEPERS allow adult sites?
No, we do not. Adult contents or links to other adult sites are not allowed.
Once I sign up, when will I be able to start uploading my website?
Your account will be setup within minutes after we have verified your order. As soon as you receive your setup notice you can start uploading your files to your site.

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